Leigh Village

I must clear some posts sitting here for months… it is winter while this one saw great sunshine… OK not that far away as BC but long time ago…. looks like ages now,,, A visit to Leigh village to paint out with SAC. Make sure if in the area, to visit as it is a beautiful village like many others in Kent, Good weekend everybody.

Painting with Nava

The last time I saw Nava it was in junior school some 35+ years ago. Few weeks ago she told me via Facebook, that after looking at my Blog she decided to paint as she recently retired from teaching and she did her first painting in oils after that. While visiting home we had a small friends from school reunion, I told her while seeing her for the first time after such a long period, that one day during my visit I’ll give her a call to arrange to paint with her together. We met this morning and it was a very warm morning. We bought a canvas in a local store and decided what subject we would like to paint together and what was the composition we both liked. I explained to her my process which I normally work with, it was completly new to her. I suggested about the items I use and what I do and decided instead of painting two paintings to do one together. I have started and as we continued I could see that she was hungry and eager to paint. I was confident that she clearly understood what I was talking about. I started each stage and soon I have passed her the brush to let her do her part. You can decide by watching the process we did here below how good she was. I had a great morning and let me tell you the paintings is a great master piece in my eyes but I’ll let you be the judge… I am a great advocate that every person can paint no doubt Nava did! Enjoy.


It is the first cold day of the year.. My hands are freezing cold so I have to paint very quick while outdoor and run back to the car.. my sanctury.. a day out with the MOPS,



Last year when we painted in Farningham we had to run away as it start raining very heavy. This week we were back with SAC and although there was drizzel in the air when we started painting it cleared up.. I painted ‘The Lion Pub’..

The Lion at Farningham


Just love the colour and I can see from my window that our lavender just start flowering.. Enjoy the smell. I am sure you will see here few more later on, once they have grown we will paint them somewhere locally outdoor.