What do you do with spare paints and little spare time in abstract session? I normally try to use the paint up, I hardly take it away with me… unless I paint indoors the next day. What do you do with yours and how you keep it fresh? Today I have decided to paint some flowers… So have a great day and hope they are going to cheer you up.. I did not have enough paint left as you can see from the light colours. Somehow looking at the painting, I managed to put quite a few.. anyway… Enjoy it, it is for you.

Flowers tn


Abstract is often the way I enjoy my painting more.. it is a little more a realistic abstract..  Clearly it is one of the direction I have taken with my paintings. I started an abstract class once a week for couple of hours so hope you will enjoy my work and don’t hesitate to criticise otherwise how you expect me to improve… There will be more to come… I have many people thankfully who inspired me and few important are even here, blogging as we do… They already know as I often mentioned it before, but some are completely outsiders, so if you find a good one don’t hesitate to direct me to see their work.. hope you will enjoy it too.

Hot Send

The Tower

Tower of David in Pink… I saw that some paint left in the tray after I painted the flowers… so I could not resist it and I pushed a paper in to see what it would look like… The result was that I had a paper with light wash of yellow and pink… Was not sure what will go on top but recently I looked at few pictures from Jerusalem.. One was the Tower of David… so I had to try to paint it on this yellow and pink paper.. look strange as if the tower got some disease…

Tower in Pink

Hastings in the rain

Our Mops visited Hastings and as soon as we arrived the rain storm began. One important lessons was learnt! Don’t paint with Oils water based on a rainy day! It was washed off again and again and finally I had something left to take home…

Hastings 1 tn

Hastings 2 tn

Hastings 3 tn

Hastings 4 tn

Hastings 6 tn

and finally at home the completion…

Hastings in the rain tn


I always wanted to try a painting holiday and was afraid of the prices, the location or what would happen if the people are strange, the hosts funny, or the tuition not so good. What the teachers would be like, what painting subjects? Will they suit me? Is the food going to be good and would I have time for myself and would I be allowed to paint what I want? many more questions like that… When my friend Danny comes with the idea and the holiday place which he knew, I decided to have a go.

Very quickly I realised that I was too hesitant in the past and should have gone on a holiday like this sometime ago. Mind you I could not comment on other places which I did not try, but I have now discovered, that this is a special place.

We went to ‘Bandouille’ the painting monastery in France and what a great choice it was.

The Location;

We have chosen to join a watercolour week with special portrait tuition by my friend Danny (Daniel McGowan) and boy what an experience it was.

My paintings;

The location is divine and the people who run it, Bixxy and Drew could not do enough. They fed, entertained and showed us their beautiful incredible renovated 12th century monastery that was immaculately clean and warm. Their hospitality was second to none. The tuition was great and all the equipment was included in the price. You probably could paint on site for ever and never run out of subjects, although we were also taken out to see and sketch, paint some beautiful villages and beauty spots around the area. To be honest a week was not enough to paint it all and I doubt if a month would do. With Bixxy’s cooking and Drew’s wine and the great hospitality who wanted it ever to end and go home?

After a superb refreshing breakfast each morning you meet in the big studio to start the day. The studio is equipped with everything you need and it’s a great saving on your luggage weight and space travelling to France. Each day you have a program, but if you wanted, you could do your own. The tuition is professional and easy to follow. You don’t need to be a Rembrandt to join in but you might leave as one. It is amazing to see the options and the quick progress people make and there is no pressure what so ever. All day the hot, cold drinks, nibbles and super home baked cakes are provided. A lighter mouth watering lunch is provided and all diets are catered for each meal. In the afternoon you have an aperitif and each evening you have an amazing dinner that a reputable hotel would not be ashamed to serve on its menu. I did not need to ask for a thing extra as it was always was provided and more. You have plenty of art books, magazines and videos to watch during the day or in the evening or retire to the lounge. Meeting the other artists there, I feel we will remain friends for ever after the holiday.

The Class – Group

The paintings got better each day and it was entirely up to you to choose the media and tools as you wished. I feel that the week was a great holiday that I will always remember and have no doubt that I’ll return for more, but now I am rushing to the gym to lose a pound or two…

Some of the Techniques used in the Warm-up

I am sure you are rushing to book your holiday now… if you mention that Doronart sent you, you might be for a treat…. Enjoy

Palette Knife return

I just returned from a superb painting holiday in France which I’ll soon write about. I missed you all..

The name of this post sound like a horror movie name.. Mind you it is only our action in Oil evening class. Yet again we had to paint with no brushes and the palette knife turn to be my friend. Karen said that the finish paintings remind her Paul Cézanne… I was not so sure it was but took the great compliment. Enjoy.

Two Ladies

Painting with Muriel

In recent days Muriel got some photos and we exchanged painting. Muriel used to paint but stopped for some time and recently she got the bug again when I put some of my work on my Facebook page. So we managed to turn the fire back on again let see how we progress. We have a rejoining old artist to our troops… Don’t think twice pick up a brush with some paints and join us too…. yes you that reading. Here are a couple of mines which I have painted from the pictures…

Baaaaaaaa Muriel view

Violet Special Green tea

Violet is one of my favourite artist, I love her art work which she is painting daily. Every day I wait to see what special paintings she is doing. Recently she was making and painting her tea, she asked how we would like ours…. so I thought I should give her a challenge… It did not take her long and she brewed me her special goddess recipe which will sit here on my desk. By the way you did not see her chocolate yet… so rush to her Blog as when they have gone they have gone!

Violet Gallery


Doron, an artist in WordPress( explain about his green tea in my “Today’s Tea”post .He normally likes his tea with ginger but it seems he prefer today’s tea with a slice of lemon swimming inside! 😃 I’m sending you a brunch of mint too just because they are so nice with lemons😃

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King Charles the Martyr Church

Welcome to abstract King Charles Martyr Church in Tunbridge Wells. On my last oil/acrylics evening class we painted realistic abstracts. Some times I paint a portrait which demands some good lines and look a like features and I find it challenging and enjoyable. Often I find that I need to escape those lines and paint loose and more abstract. I enjoy both, although I find that when I paint abstract I enjoy some freedom and the paintings is full with me with my personal expressions.  It also give the viewer their own say about the picture, which I enjoy very much. I have no doubt that soon there will be here few more portraits based on my abstract’s freedom too… Enjoy.

King Charles the Martyr Church


In my recent acrylics/oil painting class the subject was drapery. When you watch some of the quality of work around you are amazed how good some of the people are. I sometime wonder how they manage to paint such fine delicate lines or how long it take them to paint each paintings. I had to paint a drapery which would be slightly different and be my own… so it was not on a model body but on car park along the road.

Before Someone Car

and After