What do you do with spare paints and little spare time in abstract session? I normally try to use the paint up, I hardly take it away with me… unless I paint indoors the next day. What do you do with yours and how you keep it fresh? Today I have decided to paint some flowers… So have a great day and hope they are going to cheer you up.. I did not have enough paint left as you can see from the light colours. Somehow looking at the painting, I managed to put quite a few.. anyway… Enjoy it, it is for you.

Flowers tn

Kaleidoscope Exhibition

Exhibition is now open until 30/11/2013 and you are all welcome to visit.

On 21/11/13 18:00 you are invited for our Reception evening, please come for a free drink and talk to the artists of Sevenoaks Art Club.

Our Exhibition is associated with a local charity ‘Rockdale’ who provid shelter housing for the elderly. We created a ‘Rockdale Wall’ with many painted canvasses, all at only £10.00 and total amount is donated for ‘Rockdale’. Come and help us to support them.


Abstract is often the way I enjoy my painting more.. it is a little more a realistic abstract..  Clearly it is one of the direction I have taken with my paintings. I started an abstract class once a week for couple of hours so hope you will enjoy my work and don’t hesitate to criticise otherwise how you expect me to improve… There will be more to come… I have many people thankfully who inspired me and few important are even here, blogging as we do… They already know as I often mentioned it before, but some are completely outsiders, so if you find a good one don’t hesitate to direct me to see their work.. hope you will enjoy it too.

Hot Send

The calm after…

Oil’s evening was painting a small landscape with views we like.. we also had to show some emotion. I found a picture of this forest with a stream in the middle and few trees laying on the ground.. I called it ‘The Calm after the Storm’ . Hope you ar sitting down relaxing after a good day looking forward for a good weekend with a cup of coffee and no storms forecast… enjoy

The Calm after the Storm