Pink sky

Thank you for all the well wishers, it is very well appreciated by me. Not sure if it is repairable at the moment however I keep trying and mean time I am here to enjoy your work and put some I did earlier can’t ask for more.. Sorry I don’t visit often as I like too and keeping waiting for a reply some time.

The sky just before sunset ashamed about the photo I took as it looks more like midday and actually look much better in here.

Pink Sky

Pink sky

The Tower

Tower of David in Pink… I saw that some paint left in the tray after I painted the flowers… so I could not resist it and I pushed a paper in to see what it would look like… The result was that I had a paper with light wash of yellow and pink… Was not sure what will go on top but recently I looked at few pictures from Jerusalem.. One was the Tower of David… so I had to try to paint it on this yellow and pink paper.. look strange as if the tower got some disease…

Tower in Pink