Over the fields

Every time I have few minutes free I enjoy a little water colours run, this time it was of a picture I saw in a painting magazine… I enjoy the practice run and beside I manage to burn some time I have to spare. I left this one for few days before I finished and put the birds in but when I looked and try to find the picture everywhere, I could not find it.. I also wanted to credit and mention the originator of this scene which was nice and detailed when I first saw it as it attract me to paint but it has gone, no doubt it will reappear when I forget about it… Some loud thoughts, I noticed that often I see something I like to paint, I leave it for few days and then I try to do it from a memory. Some time I remember the scene vividly and other times I only remember little which completely make the picture different. If I paint from a picture I’ll rather use a black and white version. When I paint a picture or even a scene I follow it in the initial stage and as I progress I work from memory or imagination and I am not sure why I get distracted and don’t constantly look at something even when it is a portrait. I wonder if others do the same? I keep telling myself to look again and again but it seems as this will be a learning curve for me which I need to work on. I also can’t change how quick I paint most of the time even I know now a day that in water colours I need often to let it dry in between washes so the colours won’t get muddy but often it don’t work as I need to finish the paintings. There is one thing I would like to change next year and it is to be able to use more than one brush during my painting… I am also lazy on working with a small brush for details…  even though I posses many of them… Hopefully I’ll follow some of my ideas and correct them mean time happy painting

Over the fields

More practice

It could look very similar architectures but it is a world apart.. location wise. I keep practicing as you can see and it is not always ending in a very good result. Some people tear them up and I feel you should not. I think that even if it is not that good enough, I still will put it here and show them to you. I think to myself, what type of journey it is going to be without the not so good ones? Beside do you think professional artists always get every paintings perfect? If sometime you feel that you want to give up, remember that you can only improve, after all it is a journey and there are going to be some sketches that will never reach the big size canvas! beside I probably will run my next experiment of glazing on those sketches… you never know.

Cuba St Pauls St Paul Thames

When we get married…

Some time I look at other people work and its fascinate me to understand how they actually got to the end of their paintings, what was the process they used to get to the finished result. So I play and practice sketching it on a small paper with water colours. It’s actually teaching me how good they are and how long I have to go before I can reach their great standards and quality. It is probably just another way for me to practice on my way to get better, the more you do the better you get. I put few more practice together… Ha… you probably asking where the title for the post came from… well I tried to insert that little couple dressed up.. in two of the pictures.

My Forest Over Hill Town That will be ours Visitors at the lake

Painting with Muriel

In recent days Muriel got some photos and we exchanged painting. Muriel used to paint but stopped for some time and recently she got the bug again when I put some of my work on my Facebook page. So we managed to turn the fire back on again let see how we progress. We have a rejoining old artist to our troops… Don’t think twice pick up a brush with some paints and join us too…. yes you that reading. Here are a couple of mines which I have painted from the pictures…

Baaaaaaaa Muriel view