The Race

Sorry dear friends it is the first time I manage to enter my blog after wordpress server fault, my apology if I did not reply to you until now but as we say… we are back, so welcome back.

While the blue paint is wet I thought I should add another one to my collection for the exhibition. I have few more in mind but that might be for another exhibition but mean time put your sun-cream lotion, your glasses on and enjoy ‘The Race’ no betting please…

The race is on


Sandbag is the group of British and Commonwealth ex-service personnel based in Singapore and the Region. 70 years ago following the surrender of Singapore, 50,000 captured Allied troops and civilians were marched 28km from central Singapore to Changi Prison in the east. In Remembrance, on Saturday 3rd November 2012, Sandbaggers and friends will Re-Trace this walk. Lest we forget.

In October, Jonathan and Kate Dodd were walking trying to raise some money for the Royal British Legion charity.. J. wrote on his facebook page; Going for a yomp tomorrow! All 28kms of it! Retracing the walk taken by 50,000 captured allied forces 70 years ago after the fall of Singapore. We are doing it to raise money for the Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes. Kate has set up a donate page for each so please sponsor our efforts, it’s gonna be hot and we’ve got 5 hours to walk it to get to Changi Chapel for a remembrance service. If you can spare a couple of quid it all helps and don’t forget to gift aid too. Cheers!

I saw on his page a picture he liked from ‘The Senior Service’ with two boats.. I do not know much about the ships; names, where was it and what they did… So I look for some help here so the story can be complete. I thought it will help if I can paint the dramatic scene and give it for Jonathan to auction and raise some more money, which he said he will do…Sandbaggers

Let Battle Commence

A House by the Sea

You always dream about a house by the sea… For some reason I could not get them together this time… I’ll have to practice my magic tricks, they say it can get better with practice, so I am going to keep painting.

A House

By the Sea

‘I can Sea you’

Couple of days ago I have written about the eyes which I am learning and trying to paint for my faces, portraits. I thought I should go one step forward with my eyes, see, sight and paint an abstract of one of the places I love watching, visiting, painting.. So I created ‘ I can Sea you’… You probably will ask me what is it got to do with eyes… Not a lot… but you can See and then there is another different way The Sea, yes the one I love don’t you?

I always tell people here that everyone can paint and this is another example why…. Go on try it or maybe you did before, so please Email me your version of ‘I can Sea you’ so we can put a collection here… Enjoy

I can Sea you