Sunset Sailing

All the mums in the world this is the warmest sun for you, Happy Mothers Day.

Left over paint on the palette, with my finger for painting of ‘Sunset Sailing’… finger licking good and spring of fun to you all…

Sunset Sailing

I wandered

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, (also commonly known a Daffodils) is a lyric poem by William Wordsworth which we tried to paint to his words in one of our SAC sessions last year… I found it the other day and changed it hope for better.. Enjoy

I wandered lonely as a cloud


You read the name you wonder what is all about.. some time ago I painted this painting… I called it ‘Through the Net’

Through the net

It stood here for a short while but I was not sure about it and the first idea was to start again… I nearly wipe it all off.. but in the process I just found that it actually improved or was it???…

Vandalism fracture

OK that is all the picture otherwise you wonder why I called it Vandalism..


All I know is forget the view.. but if I catch this geezer that smashed that beautiful shed.. he/she will be in real trouble.. Hope you are all on the case….

Three white on each side..

Dear friends, I first would like to wish everybody Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Chanukah.

In my Sevenoaks art club last session we painted to ‘Emotion’.  I felt quite Relaxed so the best place I associate it with, was the sea-side.. Hope it make you also relaxed.

The easiest way to take a photo with the long canvases was for both to be together.

Three on the right

Three on the left

Three white on each side

Hastings in the rain

Our Mops visited Hastings and as soon as we arrived the rain storm began. One important lessons was learnt! Don’t paint with Oils water based on a rainy day! It was washed off again and again and finally I had something left to take home…

Hastings 1 tn

Hastings 2 tn

Hastings 3 tn

Hastings 4 tn

Hastings 6 tn

and finally at home the completion…

Hastings in the rain tn

KH Bay

One of the bays I love. I normally sit there for hours and enjoy the waves along the beach. After going for a walk along the shore somewhere along the beautifull Mediterranean.

KH Bay


I love the dramatic dark sky above Guernsey which inspired me to paint the scene, as seen from the sea.. and I am not able to walk on water yet.

Port of Guernsey

Selling my Art work

Several times friends have asked me about buying my art work and I was not sure how to go about it. I followed some of my friend’s Blogs here and saw how they did it and thought why not give it a try. I have accumulated many paintings although I have given some away and donated others I still have enough left.  In recent club exhibitions people have shown interest in my work. It gives me pleasure to see that other people can enjoy my work. I want to continue to improve and progress all the time and invest more in equipment that I need to do so. I also want to be in a better position and able to donate more to the charity which helps my chronic pains. So I made the move and signed with a new online company which I enjoyed seeing their work by other artists. I hope you also will enjoy my work and help me by buying it online via Imagekind.

I hope that together we can all visit and explore ‘Paradise’ my latest painting in oil which I can see as my new direction for selling my artwork.


I feel like taking a box with paints and some accessories and visit this beach myself….