Muriel Picture

Hi Friends, visitors, I owe you a little apology. I was not around here at the blog for some long time. Of-course I miss you all but unfortunately my chronic pains flared up to a very bad level and I hardly can control it nor sit up in-front of my pc. If you made a comment or gave me a like, thank you for doing so, I really appreciate it and promise I’ll reply to you all as soon as. If I am not here forgive me as I would not miss this place for the world. If I ever stopped blogging trust me I would not do it without letting you know. Thank you for your friendship and sticking by me. I have few paintings I did early that I can use for a while.. I miss you all and I’ll see you around for short visits. Have a great weekend…

Muriel my friend take some nice photos around Cumbria where she lives and often I like to quickly sketch paint them..

Muriel Walk

Final version with extra layer…

Muriel plus 3 tn

See you soon and take care where ever you are, Doron

4 AM Sketch

What can one do during the night when you can not sleep and your chronic pains play with you. You feel lousy it is freezing cold and  it is snowing outside… I think drink a nice warm green tea and make sure you keep warm with an extra layer… and of-course sketch something to pass the time and warm the heart and keep the mind.

The Bridge at 4 AM

Tea for Two

Violet, I enjoyed your green tea so much that I had to return your favour and invite you for one also. I can see from here that you are so busy sketching at the moment so how about a short break… I had to invite Poppy too..she loves a cup of tea around miday… Enjoy.Image

Knole Park

Knowle’s National Trust, is one of the nice places we have around this area. Last summer we were out painting there and the sun was shinning…. Couple of months later and it is the white stuff all over…

Knole under Snow