The view outside

One I made earlier.. now we are in spring time.. Glade someone in wordpress arranged that publish later.. I can put the post for when ever.. Mind you I could not show you rainy paintings in mid summer.. spring is OK as it is either here or there. If I catch that guy who invented chronic pains.. I am going to make sure he lives in winter time all year round..

It start raining here around Christmas and it seems as if someone forgot where was the tap so they can cut it off… that was the view from the patio door few weeks ago..

Patio flodded

While visiting I made few more sketches so i thought I should add them here;

Wine Roses

Car Park View

Up the Hill


Just returned from a super weekend from ‘Wombania Island’ for those who never heard about it, it is tucked deep in the Pacific. I was quite lucky as my dearest friend the millionaires ‘Debbie Adams’ whisked me away on a private jet of her friend ‘Fraz’ for FREE!

Fraz just started his own new airline ‘Frazline’ and you must use it because the service is amazing! You receive non stop supply of pizzas and chocolate and for dessert you get Debs speciality ‘Fraz Youth Capsules’ they are fantastic.. By the way Fraz use in his fleet the new ‘Fraz 999’ jet from ‘Frazbuss’ production company of-course and what shall I say, It is equipped with all the latest technology, a swimming pool, Cinema, Tennis court, a Wombania restaurant and even a small Skiing slope at the rear of the plane. Non stop milkshakes are served all the way also in the superb bars with unique flavours. You must try the ‘Lemon Shark Surprise’ it is out of this world.

On the island we met Debs friend ‘Fraz’. What an amazing character he is, don’t stop making you laugh for one second. He is a water sport enthusiastic and he took us deep sea diving to feed the sharks that grow the special ingredients for the ‘Shark Milkshake Surprise’. We also were allowed to use his latest model of fast canoe around his castle motes. A bit fast and scary but never had such a fun ride before!

Yes Fraz recently was nominated for the Noble prize for peace for making all the children around the world friends and his programme provided each member, friend with free pizzas and chocolate all year round. He also award you a bottle of the secret magic youth made by Deb each Christmas once you join his fun base. I had such a good time, thank you Deb and Fraz for a lovely weekend which I will never forget… and you, yes you that reading… what are you waiting for? Call your travel agent and book a ‘Frazline’ to ‘Fraz island’ right away. I am so grateful and don’t know how to thank them all at Wombania enough… But let me tell you I will come with some presents very soon, as they are my new heroes.

At the Marina

Often I see some exercises in various magazines and when I have spare moment or two I tried them on… As I always said practice make you better, beside it not taking too long if you are not trying to do you best ever masterpiece. This one was with Paul Weaver


St. Loup cat

I probably will end paying some royalty for this little cat that chased us in Bandouille.. Actually I did asked it, if I can sketched it and the answer was Meow meow mais Oui mais Oui… I even took a paw signature just in-case. And you clearly see the modling skills in the eyes…

St Loup

Hubbard’s Hill

Another outdoors painting day in beautiful Kent, Enjoy

Hubberd's Hill

Daily routine

Hubbard's Hill

Hubberd's lane

I made some changes… I always seems to do some… someone said stop fiddling…

The house behind the trees

Sevenoaks weald

and another final one will be here shortly, I thought the sky was too friendly…

The final view