Pink sky

Thank you for all the well wishers, it is very well appreciated by me. Not sure if it is repairable at the moment however I keep trying and mean time I am here to enjoy your work and put some I did earlier can’t ask for more.. Sorry I don’t visit often as I like too and keeping waiting for a reply some time.

The sky just before sunset ashamed about the photo I took as it looks more like midday and actually look much better in here.

Pink Sky

Pink sky

Hubbard’s Hill

Another outdoors painting day in beautiful Kent, Enjoy

Hubberd's Hill

Daily routine

Hubbard's Hill

Hubberd's lane

I made some changes… I always seems to do some… someone said stop fiddling…

The house behind the trees

Sevenoaks weald

and another final one will be here shortly, I thought the sky was too friendly…

The final view