F1 New Season

I hope you like sport as It is shortly (actually today) the start of the new season of F1. Some time if I am not busy, I tend to watch it although in the past I used to watch it more.  Is it a sign of getting old, or maybe painting ‘take over’ while F1 is in the ‘pit lane’…  Sorry about the jargon, even I get impressed from my writting ability and word selection. Anyhow, I thought I’ll try to paint the reigning champion of 2011 and 2012 which actually did not do bad at all today in Australia… He came 3rd. I was a sleep as it was very early and later when the replay was on, I was busy and could not watch it… yes I was painting my long-term portrait like the masters project… Enjoy.

Vettle F1

London 2012

One of the event that impressed us all in 2012 was the Olympics. Clark and Mills won a silver medal sailing for Great Britian in the 470 class at Weymouth. I was most impressed by the entire fair play, the commoradie and the respect among all sportswomen/men, the spectators, the complete world.