Monochrome in Blue

Once again I have painted a monochrome painting. This time it is all to do with Ultramarine Blue and adjacent colours on the colour temperature wheel. I also used the compliment colours in order to give another shade for the blue. Clouds over Moon.

Clouds over Moon

Do They Know It is Christmas?

I watched this afternoon on the box with the youngsters ‘Happy Feet’. One of the water colour artist that I enjoy watching and who gave me a great inspiration on my journey, is Hazel Soan. I was watching her painting this scene the other day and I loved the penguins. I had to use my artistic licence a little bit and tried it for myself. Looking at the finished paintings I wondered, Do they know it’s Christmas at all?

Do Pinguins Know It Christmas

Cherries from a Mevaseret’s Garden

I received the photo of this chery tree some months ago and quickly I sketched it in water colours as I loved the combination and colours, mind you I love cherries too. Looking at the sketch, I have painted some months ago I now also tried to paint it in Acrylics… Two different stories and I could not say one is better than the other could you? I think it is more a matter of personal choice and for me it is a new trial in painting the same subject with a different media. Call it another leaf in the Journey, enjoy.


Cherries too

Flowers in Acrylics

One of the nice thing I find in Acrylics and Oils painting, is the ability to change and play with your image colours. Some times it is only the build up process but on others is the decision that you don’t like the last result and you think you should do some changes, OK improvement…

Cyclamen 1

Cyclamen 2


Sandbag is the group of British and Commonwealth ex-service personnel based in Singapore and the Region. 70 years ago following the surrender of Singapore, 50,000 captured Allied troops and civilians were marched 28km from central Singapore to Changi Prison in the east. In Remembrance, on Saturday 3rd November 2012, Sandbaggers and friends will Re-Trace this walk. Lest we forget.

In October, Jonathan and Kate Dodd were walking trying to raise some money for the Royal British Legion charity.. J. wrote on his facebook page; Going for a yomp tomorrow! All 28kms of it! Retracing the walk taken by 50,000 captured allied forces 70 years ago after the fall of Singapore. We are doing it to raise money for the Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes. Kate has set up a donate page for each so please sponsor our efforts, it’s gonna be hot and we’ve got 5 hours to walk it to get to Changi Chapel for a remembrance service. If you can spare a couple of quid it all helps and don’t forget to gift aid too. Cheers!

I saw on his page a picture he liked from ‘The Senior Service’ with two boats.. I do not know much about the ships; names, where was it and what they did… So I look for some help here so the story can be complete. I thought it will help if I can paint the dramatic scene and give it for Jonathan to auction and raise some more money, which he said he will do…Sandbaggers

Let Battle Commence

Linda Visit

Every time Linda my friend from the golf club comes to see how I am doing she bring flowers. I miss my golf very much but since my operation I can not play. I always hope that one day I would play again… the question is when???? The last plant she brought me, was stuning. I am not very good with flowers name but I think it was from the family of Cyclamen which is a genus of 23 species of perennials growing from tubers. It reminds me that when we were young we used to go to the forest and pick up those wild plant that grew everywhere and replant them in our garden. They came in several colours and were so beautiful each winter. I have also some in my garden today, but now I will have a special one on my wall. I thought I should share it with you, and bright your day, enjoy.

Linda's Flowers


I was asked to paint monkeys for a friend and found an article about ‘Pinkie’. This is a small tribute to ‘Pinkie’ from Tacugama Chimpanzee sanctuary in Sierra Leone. They run a chimpanzee rehabilitation scheme there and Pinkie arrived there around 1999. It was the only albino chimp in the world. One rainy day in April 2002, she was found dead which was quite a mystery how? So this painting is to all the people who care for her.



This week in our class we were painting a subject in Monochrome. Some painted iconic events or people…. I have decided to try to show the beginning of winter the first day of mixed rain, sleet and snow. I called my painting ‘The little girl with her Dog’

The little Girl and her Dog

Painting to Music

This morning we had a great session in my ‘SAC’ as we all were painting to music. I have chosen Samuel Barber Adagio for Strings as one of my favourite. You should have seen at the end of the session, the great varied paintings people painted, each to their favourite music. I enjoy all sort of music even though I listen to Classical music most days. Adagio for Strings always remind me the documentary we had here in the tribute for 9/11. For me it was a very sad day in our history when so many people lost their life. I often ask myself what is it all about, can’t we just respect and love each other. My painting is one of the pictures that I think will always remain in my mind of that day for great heroes…

Adagio for Strings

Who is She?

I loved Vincent Mars post in his Blog writing about;  ‘The Love Woes of a Hatted Boy’ that special lady, the one we all see some where, some day…. I saw also one young lady the other day, she was not passing by, as she was a picture in one of the magazines in my art club I was looking through…. I probably needed a subject to paint and I could not write a good stroy like Vincent do. I could not resist painting her…. I wonder who she was? if you recognise yourself.. drop me a line.. I am sure Vincent will give me a clue….

In your Eyes