Hi friends, You might remember that I mentioned Chronic Pains and PPIP the pain society that works together with INPUT. PaIN PUT in perspective or PPIP, is a society helping people who suffer Chronic Pains and run by people who suffer themselves. The members are people that participated in one of the courses of INPUT in recent years. I joined as a new member after my recent INPUT course that can teach you how to deal, manage and live with Chronic Pains. I hope to raise as much money as I can in future from the sales of my paintings to support this society. I have decided to donate a regular % from each painting sold so please help me to support this charity and help many people in our society who suffer from Chronic Pains.

In their recent magazine they published my story about my world of painting which I would like to share with you and hope that you will be able to help. If you know people who suffer from this problem, you might be able to understand it better yourself and maybe even direct them to the website to learn more if they not aware about such a society. You never know they might be suffering and not sure who to talk too, after all 1 in 4 people is suffering from Chronic Pains. They also can benefit from reading and understanding more about it in the society website.  They might also be interested to participate in INPUT course in the near future, or even that there is someone that can help out there, so please visit the site PPIP

PPIP magazine

PPIP article

Selling my Art work

Several times friends have asked me about buying my art work and I was not sure how to go about it. I followed some of my friend’s Blogs here and saw how they did it and thought why not give it a try. I have accumulated many paintings although I have given some away and donated others I still have enough left.  In recent club exhibitions people have shown interest in my work. It gives me pleasure to see that other people can enjoy my work. I want to continue to improve and progress all the time and invest more in equipment that I need to do so. I also want to be in a better position and able to donate more to the charity which helps my chronic pains. So I made the move and signed with a new online company which I enjoyed seeing their work by other artists. I hope you also will enjoy my work and help me by buying it online via Imagekind.

I hope that together we can all visit and explore ‘Paradise’ my latest painting in oil which I can see as my new direction for selling my artwork.


I feel like taking a box with paints and some accessories and visit this beach myself….

Lesson from the professionals

I loved my painting club at the golf club, but I felt I should explore another avenue for my painting. This year luckily I have joined additional painting societies. I was looking locally for some time, and thanks to the adult education course I  took. I met a very nice lady who knew of such a club. She put me in touch and I joined at the beginning of this year. It is the Sevenoaks Art Club, which I feel is a great club to be a member off. Not just a nice group of people that meet together with the same interest, but many artists with great talent that can give good tips and great knowledge teaching me more about a subject I love. The club is also inviting professional painters to demonstrate and teach which I find as a great tool in the learning process of painting. If you want to move forward in this privileged and beautiful world, you need to watch the professionals and amateurs alike. Earlier I used to visit galleries and exhibitions, trying to understand and get ideas. But I can recommend  watching someone who is doing it for a living talking to you, this is another great step ahead. We watch each other during a demonstration and assist each other while painting a subject which I find very inspiring and enjoyable. This group is established since 1901 and it is a very great pleasure to be part of such a group of people. It is held in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where you do not feel any pressure due to your lack of experience. The group is very well organised and we have our own website and a Facebook page, so please visit and enjoy the painting and talent. In one of our recent visits, I met a painter who gave me huge inspiration and help, Mariusz Kaldowski.  I am sure I will mention him later on but meantime you can visit his site to enjoy his work. His wife is also a painter  in her own right! I also enjoy seeing Hashim Akibwho also inspired me to paint with thick Acrylics and more recently Felicity Gill who is a great portrait painter.

At the beginning

Hi my name is Doron, I have decided to start a blog to show my paintings. For some time I wanted to tell my story and to take people along my journey with painting. My main reason is that I am sure there are many people out there in a very similar situation. I hope that my story will encourage others and will prove that everyone can paint.

For several years I had some health problem and no one could identify what was the cause. The diagnosis was changed every few months. Finally following some findings, my consultant decided that I should have an operation and it would change my life. I was not sure at the time that he was right to make such a statement! But some change obviously happened that is why I am writing about it.

In 2009 I had an operation which after few days proved to be a mistake. After a long time of suffering, the professionals decided that something is wrong and I had to go under the knife yet once more. But that is another story and not the one I want to share here. I had to stop working, a job which I very much enjoyed. Due to the continuous problems that followed the second operation I am still sitting indoors on most days unable to go back to my job.

Sitting indoor, was not fun for me as I am an outgoing person, love people and socialising. I also enjoyed taking part in sport. I soon realised that before I go insane I must find some activity to keep me going. I took an Open University course but quickly realised that I cannot concentrate due to the medication I was on so I had to find something else… the question was what????

I always fancied drawing and never found time to do it. I discovered in my Golf Club, there was a painting club, which focused more on the socialising side so I joined. I could not attend often as I was sick and I realised that I did not have a clue about painting. Very quickly I knew that I liked the subject and thought maybe I should learn a bit about it before I returned to the club although help was on hand. I watched some videos on the internet and bought a couple of books. I had all the time in the world to draw and later on to even starting to paint. On the television there was a painting program that I watched for a few times, it led me to join a society called ‘The Society for all artists’- in short the SAA.

Some of my paintings are based on pictures I have seen and lessons I watched on the SAA quarterly magazine and TV channel.