Looking through the window

Sorry guys, I know I was not active here for some time but that dose not stop me thinking about you all and I hope to visit your blogs soon. Thank you for taking time to regularly visit my Blog it is well appreciated. I also would like to thank all the great people I met recently everywhere I was. I would like to dedicate and share one of my recent paintings here, with you all,  ‘Only one left a live outside’… Even if it is difficult at times I try to paint something that always keep me smiling. You are always welcome to visit me on Facebook which is much easier for me to use sometime or you welcome to enjoy some of my latest work as and when I put it on my website. Stay safe where ever you are and keep smiling 🙂 x

The Vase +

I hope you remember that vase I post here few weeks ago.. I was not sure about the flowers colour and if it look good enough? So I thought I had to change it and make it more lively.. something was missing for me. What do you think?

The Vase a

The Vase

My son went a couple of weeks ago on a year backpacking trip around the world and before he left one day he bought some flowers for his mum. Each day they opened up bigger and stood very proudly, fresh against the window. I had to add them to the list of my paintings.

The Vase