It is the first cold day of the year.. My hands are freezing cold so I have to paint very quick while outdoor and run back to the car.. my sanctury.. a day out with the MOPS,


The Alley

I discovered¬† Viktoria Prishedko work recently and I admire it. I always find realistic abstracts as fun and joy to paint. I have tried it in recent days and practice here another one of her recent paintings. I just called it the ‘Walking the Alley’ .. I think I have some much work to do and a long way to go before I acheive her qualityand superb atmosphere. Thanks for the inspiration, Viktoria and many more who paint in such a beautiful relaxed style.

Walking the Alley


Muriel, posted for me few pictures she took today on her Facebook page of the place where she live. If you only saw those pictures, each one was like a small post card asking to be painted. She is living in Cumbria which is a beautiful area, in my view like switzerland. I quickly sketched a couple as soon as I saw them and I hope you can also see why this area is so beautiful and pictures. I had to add another one which was done later on. I have some water colours sitting beside me on the desk and every time when I see a nice picture if I have time it get sketched on a 15×20. I use it to exercise, either with water colours or pencil, as a friend in my club suggested, to improve paint at least one a day. If it looks special, it probably will turn one day for an acrylics, or oil painting.

SwissCumbria If only I had my sandwichesnever shy of a challengewhite fields