It is the first cold day of the year.. My hands are freezing cold so I have to paint very quick while outdoor and run back to the car.. my sanctury.. a day out with the MOPS,


4 AM Sketch

What can one do during the night when you can not sleep and your chronic pains play with you. You feel lousy it is freezing cold and  it is snowing outside… I think drink a nice warm green tea and make sure you keep warm with an extra layer… and of-course sketch something to pass the time and warm the heart and keep the mind.

The Bridge at 4 AM

The view from The window

Some time ago I have started painting the view from my class window looking outside in Oil. I never finished it and always felt that something was missing but was not sure what. The other day I saw a picture of a cat and decided that’s it, I need to add the cat somehow to my unfinished window’s picture and now I have done it… I think ‘Pussycat View’ is ready. OK at least in my view…

Pussycat View

Season change

Only a short while ago we were picking poppies in the field and now we are sitting looking at the snow from our window. One season comes another just gone and soon it will return again… The circle of life.

Snow Storm Remind me Summer


Maaaa sound familiar but not so much when the weather is turning cold. It is a sound more likely in spring. As the snow come down south in England and the days get colder, I thought to paint a winter scene. After watching some of the Christmas cards  painted by Martin Taylor I had a go. I am not sure if it was good enough to be my nominated Christmas scene yet.. I am sure there will be few more later on.  And to make you feel more in season I even switched the snow to fall on my Blog site… So keep warm and I must rush to put the fire on and also put a jumper on.

Maaaa it's Cold


This week in our class we were painting a subject in Monochrome. Some painted iconic events or people…. I have decided to try to show the beginning of winter the first day of mixed rain, sleet and snow. I called my painting ‘The little girl with her Dog’

The little Girl and her Dog

Winter on our door

A while ago it was Autumn and leaves still falling off the trees.. Days are short and it is Winter knocking on our doors. It is damp and bleak, I can even feel the cold in my bones. They probably start displaying the Christmas decoration in the shops and people will soon start singing Christmas carols…

Walking Home

First Winter Slide

The painting above inspired by an exercise I saw in our magazine by Trevor Waugh. Sometime, I have spare moment or two which I pass by trying my hand following those exercises. I know that keeping painting various subjects improve you as an artist. I feel that each part of one painting probably lead you and make your next one.

Slippery Mt. Sion